Terms and Conditions

Excel Tuition would be happy to provide tutoring and support to your child subject to you agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

1. Parents and children will be committed and enthusiastic about their child’s learning.

2. Parents and teachers will work together to develop children’s learning in matters of homework, attendance, punctuality, behaviour and the like. Parents will be responsible for ensuring their child’s homework is completed and marked before the commencement of the next class.

3. Parents will ensure the regular attendance of their child/ren. In cases where children are unable to attend, parents will give prior notification verbal or written or provide a genuine reason for non-attendance.

4. The cost of the classes will be paid four weeks in advance – the cost will not be refundable for non attendance of lessons. This is to ensure that those parents and children that are committed will be given priority as class sizes are restricted to 20 pupils.

5. In the case of continual absence, parents will be notified and the place will be offered to another child.

Application Form

Please download and complete the attachment below: Fill the Form in and please bring it with you. Thank you.